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Johnny Tapas exists to offer locals and visitors a unique dining experience that respects its location, while providing something fresh and different. We understand that a venue is cold empty, food is useless uneaten and beverages boring uncapped. Growing up in the local area, we also understand there's a need for a quality, stylish and welcoming place you can come and relax with friends and family.


Coast hands

Johnny Tapas is a proud partner of Coast Hands, a community organisation that aims to help those in need. Together we have delivered hundreds of delicious meals to those across the coast who need a bit of extra support. Our chef Sid has worked tirelessly to ensure delicious food goes to good people. 

Norah Head Ratepayers, Residents & Coastcare Assoc. Inc.

We love our community and regularly attend our local meetings to ensure we have the interests of all stakeholders at heart. We're proud of our area and appreciate the support of our Norah Head family.

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